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Mentorship - Entrepreneurial Journey

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The Entrepreneurial Journey is a unique opportunity for participants to learn from our experiences and discover how to apply these insights to their own business or enterprise. With our dedicated assistance, participants will learn how to use these concepts to create a successful and sustainable business and build a strong and recognizable brand. During this program, participants will have the opportunity to delve into a variety of topics important to entrepreneurship and design, such as business ideation, product development, market research, branding, marketing, project management, finance and much more. Having more than 10 years of research in design, we decided to share the experiences and actions of LM & Companhia over 5 years of business management practices guided by design and communication. Guided by adult training (andragogy) and design management, including scenario analysis, networking, processes and prices to integrated communication planning, we offer 16 virtual mentoring meetings in design-oriented strategic planning. This program celebrates our 5 years of experience in branding and project management, and aims to help improve the skills and knowledge of design managers who want to improve their results and take their companies to new heights.


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