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Book your free business meeting with us

Book your free business meeting with us


Branding 4.0: The new phase of online brands.

The adaptations in the concepts of branding and naming for the construction of logos for the digital world, start here!

Memory, affection and creativity.

The Social Technology of Memory is present in LM&Companhia's brand creation methodology, taking into account its references, stories and special characteristics to build visual narratives, which become brands with high personality and performance, transmitting theirvalue offerto your audience


Protected trademarks.

We offer trademark registration services at the National Institute of Industrial Property, the INPI. In addition, all brands receive consultancy including the possibility of registering before any part of the design. Safety first!

We build materials according to your needs.

LM specializes in graphics for editorials, institutional, packaging, gifts and other custom


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Guilherme Campos

"It was very peaceful and comfortable working with LM. Through his methodology, Lucas was able to capture the essence of what I wanted to convey to my product, and this was clearly expressed in the brand. The result was fantastic!"

Guilherme Campos

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